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Canalside Tours

Canalside Tours on  Saturday Evenings this Summer

  • Tours start at 7:00 PM and last about 90 minutes

  • Start/finish at Clinton’s Dish (restaurant located at Canalside)

  • Tour includes the Boardwalk, waterfront, Commercial Slip and unearthed ruins of the Erie Canal

This tour focuses on the lawless days of Buffalo’s Canal District.  Unknown to many locals, Buffalo’s waterfront was referred to as “…the most evil square mile in America.”  A lively, vice ridden and dangerous area existed near the site of today’s CanalSide that featured more than 120 saloons and nearly 90 brothels.  Our tour unearths the truth about this colorful, yet deadly neighborhood that sailors, prostitutes and con men called home.

This is a humorous history tour which means that it may not be for everybody. Our well researched historical content is presented in a light hearted fashion with some silliness and jokes along the way. If you are looking for a well organized politically correct tour featuring ‘just the facts’, then this is not the tour for you. If you can laugh at yourself and enjoy a little ethnic humor, then you might find our presentation worth while.

Just $15 per person cash, no deposit is necessary, but you’ll need to make a reservation using the form below.
Discount Vouchers such as Amazon/Living Social will be honored through September 20th
Due to demand, tour season expanded through Saturday September 20th

As a local businessperson, I attempt to provide the best Buffalo tours. If I miss the mark with you, and if you feel that I did not entertain you, please ask for your money back.