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Lafayette Ghost Stories

Ghost-stories-lafayette-650x650 Thursdays in October

7:30 PM-9:00 PM


This limited time 90 minute multi-media presentation brings to life the best Buffalo ghost stories plus gory real life historical events that happened here.

Some ghost stories are provided by Mason Winfield and Haunted History Ghost Walks, so you know they’ve got to be good!

-Native American Torture Techniques
-A Buffalo Witch Trial in 1821
-Murders, Suicides and Ghosts of the Lafayette
-Our most Haunted Cemetery, the Ghosts of Goodleberg
-Ghost Ships of Lake Erie
-Buffalo’s Shocking Connection to the Electric Chair
-Share your Spook Tales, if you Dare

WARNING: This presentation discusses disturbing historical events such as death, torture and previous marriages.  There are no graphic images, but the stories involve some seriously unpleasant humanity.  Tickets available for those 21 and older.