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Looking for an unusual event to host in your own home? We promise that our Psychic House Party will entertain and amaze you and your guests. The evening features two professionals, a psychic medium and a paranormal performer.
The Psychic will provide a gallery reading for the group, and then provide private readings for up to four guests. Our Paranormal Performer will use devices and techniques to communicate with spirits that may be active in the area.
Is it real? You decide. But you won’t find a more unique evening of paranormal fun anywhere.

  • A paranormal party in your house

  • Enjoy personal and group psychic messages

  • Experience a live seance

  • Perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes or private parties

The Psychic House Party, including psychic readings and performance seance are for entertainment purposes only. The event generally lasts about 90 minutes or so, depending on how lively the spirits are! Total cost for the performers is $300.

Make a reservation using the form below.

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