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A live Victorian Seance Performance


A Seance Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a live seance conducted by a professional psychic?  For a limited time this Halloween season you can participate in a seance and explore Buffalo's role in the religious movement that believes we can talk to the dead.  

We have two options (see below Gold & Silver packages) from which to choose.

What to expect

This two hour event has two components.  First you will explore the history of Victorian Seances and death rituals.  During this presentation you will learn how the religion known as Spiritualism was created locally.  You'll also discover how Buffalo became a hotbed for seances--along the way President Lincoln, Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will all intersect with our city.  Following a brief break we transition to our live seance.

The seance is led by renowned local psychic Glenn White.  Mr. White is an author, paranormal investigator and has appeared on numerous TV programs including  Paranormal Witness, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Lab.  Mr. White conducts the seance in a private room on the upper level of the Barrel Factory, a room in which we have had interesting 'contacts' with spirits last year.

Are Seances Scary?

Mr. White has conducted seances all across the country over the past 10 years.  His expertise ensures that only positive spirits interact with the group.  Seances are not the theatrical events depicted in movies.  Our seances are extremely quiet, we listen for knocks and intentional noises.  Guests focus on objects that spirits may choose to move such as a pendulum or a candle flame.  Sometimes spirits are active, sometimes they are not, but this is the nature of an honest seance experience!  Frequently Mr. White will receive a message for somebody at the table.  If messages appear to him, he will share them with guests.  This performance is for entertainment purposes only and we cannot guarantee the level of spirit activity.

Gold Package

Our Gold Package includes the 45 minute historical presentation and the Seance experience.  Gold Package members are seated around the main table at the Seance where the psychic presides over the event.  You are up close and very personal as Mr. White asks spirits to make themselves known through knocks, noises, vibrations or other physical manifestations.

Silver Package

Our Silver Package is the same as the Gold except that guests sit adjacent to the main table during the Seance event.  Chairs are within a few feet of the main table.  Silver guests will be able to see and hear the event  but  at a slight distance.